Its not New Year’s Day yet, but I have some goals in mind for the next 6 months.

I’ve spent a better part of the last year trying to sell my house or getting ready to sell my house. This is, as you know, a lot of work. And, I haven’t had the energy or capacity to concentrate on other things. I’ve managed to do some knitting and get my child to her activities and the rest of my time seems to have been spent cleaning, gathering the pets before a showing, and reading email (how does email absorb so much time). Now that we are off the market for the winter months, I am ready to unpack a few things and move on with the rest of my life.


(No, the cat didn’t actually get packed.)

So, here are my goals:

Creating a blog.  I guess I’ll be able to check this one off. I want to work on my writing (see next goal) and blogging is a good way to support this goal. Plus, it gives an opportunity to be another voice for Fibromyalgia out there.

Writing.  It is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, see, wherein participants write a novel during the month, and once again I am not participating. As a wife and mother, I am not sure November is the best month for this (February). However, I have been investigating a couple of writing websites and in particular has some great articles I plan on catching up on over the next 6 months.

Creativity.  I also plan to use this blog to expand on my photography. I have some classes at Craftsy ( has classes in a number of disciplines) on photography that I need to finish taking. And, frankly, I just need to do some assessment. I have shared some photos with Scoopshot (a downloadable app that has contests/assignments), but there are more traditional places to sell stock photos (e.g., iStock, Bigstock, Shutterstock).  I am not sure its very easy to get paid for photos, it may be about the one unique shot and/or being the first to submit.

I have knitting goals, but my house is already overfilled with yarn.


Resolutions (a little early)

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