Basic Photography

What follows is simple stuff and not relevant to professional or semi-professional or experienced photographers.  But not everybody out there with a need to use or share pictures has experience with photography aside from pulling out their cell phone and snapping a selfie.

The photo I posted in my ‘Reading’ entry last week was a picture I took on my iPad and downloaded to my blog entry. Wherein, I used an indispensable tool to make it look a little better: cropping. WordPress has some tools you can use to edit your photos, which is really convenient. But sometimes, you need a bit more.

Let me tell you about a fun little thing. Its called GIMP. It works sort of like Photoshop (or so they tell me since I haven’t used Photoshop). But GIMP is free. I have a Macbook and I installed version 2.8.10p2 earlier this year with no problem.  I was totally lost when I downloaded it because it’s been years since I’ve used any photo software. So, I bought How to GIMP (Katherine Landreth) on Amazon, but she also has a website ( where she sells the book and has lots of extras.  GIMP has great tools for a variety of techniques for editing photos.

IMG_0771 Kathy_red_distort

This example is not my favorite content-wise, but I think it shows how an amateur can learn how to do what seems like a lot of fancy photo editing.  The first picture is a selfie I took to show off a new haircut.  The second photo shows my use of GIMP to shave a few pounds off my face in a pretty believable way.

And I haven’t even finished the book yet. I still need to learn about working in layers.


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