My daughter from college is home and everyone is getting sick.  It started with my youngest daughter and now I have a fever and my husband and other daughter are making groaning noises (no, its probably not flu, just a bad cold).  Also, we are accepting an offer on the house.  This Christmas is shaping up to be a difficult one.

I have been knitting since I was quite young, but I’m not sure when I started. I started with small needlework kits (crewel embroidery and needlepoint). My grandmother taught me crochet when I was about 7. Sometime after that, I quit making the purple and pink sparkle crochet pillow and started knitting. When I was in high school, I knit my Mom an afghan for Christmas.

I also learned to sew when I was quite little. In fact, I sewed my finger to a piece of fabric when I was about 5. Despite that humble beginning, sewing was my go to for a long time.  I was in a quilting phase when I had kids. Then, sometime in those years when my kids were little, I realized it didn’t make sense to be stuck in the sewing room. It isolated me and made it hard to supervise the kids. I did some beadwork, but that has so many little parts to spill and make a mess. Eventually, I figured out that knitting was the best solution.

As mentioned before, I have a stash of yarn that will long outlive me; and an equally huge stash of patterns. Interweave press has also pulled me back into crocheting. Which likely means I have double the plans for projects to complete before I die (I have a worksheet for this).This time of year is good for making hats because they are great instant (or near instant) gratification. My second go to is scarves. However, my one daughter has very curly hair and hats cause hair problems for her. Lo and Behold: the headband. And you’ve got an even quicker project.

Portions of my stash:

stash New stash–the majority is packed and in the basement.

maize and blue stashhat_stash2

Maize and blue stash and hat and scarf stash.

A few things I am working on for my daughter:

An infinity scarf in a simple, but interesting pattern that showcases a great yarn:

A great simple and quick headband:

headband 3


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