The Ever Busy American

My husband and I are the kind of people who never have enough leave. There is an urban myth out there that the federal government gives you lots of leave. This may have been true at one time, but its no longer the way things are.

I have this fantasy that the holidays will be about us all being together for several days and having a good time. I swear that’s how it was when I was a kid. My Dad had the week off between Christmas and New Years. Mom must have had the time off too. We ate party mix and did puzzles and watched Christmas specials together. That’s how I remember it and I’m sticking to it.

As parents, my husband and I both worked for the Government and you might get an extra day in addition to Christmas and New Years days. I feel like we struggled to have one of us home to cover the time between Christmas and New Years. It’s a great time to get stuff done at work because no one’s there. But, I also didn’t want my kids to think back and say, yeah, Christmas was about one day and then my parents went back to work.

Personally, I imagine a day when we get to take the whole of December off. Actually, I know lots of people who had enough leave built up that they did take most of the month off. I never could figure out how they did that. Not only did you have to not take any leave all year, you had to have leftover leave from the previous year.

I spent summers working 10-12 hour days each Friday so that I could take and pick up my kids from a 9 to 3 pm camp. I don’t know how I would do that year round.

So, this is about a choice. Either you work your butt off all year and have leave at the holidays or you work your butt off here and there and sometimes have leave at holidays.

This past year, there was a commercial for a car that’s message was about how in America we work hard.  They go on about how they might relax in other countries, but we work hard.   And, it just made me tired to watch it.

Maybe it’s the fibromyalgia talking, but all of this makes me feel tired. Is it wrong to want to enjoy some of life? Is it wrong to want to relax once in awhile?

See the text of the Cadillac commercial here:


2 thoughts on “The Ever Busy American

  1. I used to work in adult education so I was lucky and got from xmas eve to 2nd jan off, with days taken from my annual allowance. The company closed for the duration. But in 13 years my daughters step-dad has only had 2 xmas days off as he works in a hospital; my eldest has had 2 xmas days off in 8 years as she works in a care home.
    It is a pain in the bum, I agree.
    And it is hard enough to enjoy things when you have fibromyalgia because it never plays fair, does it

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