The Meaning of Life (Yes, I’m going to go there!)

What are we here for? I realize this is too big of a question to answer, but I’m going to try and dumb it down to my level.   I might regret this, but I think its on my mind a lot lately, so here goes.

For some people, getting through the day is the best you can do. And I applaud that.  People need food, water, and shelter to survive. You get a job (or jobs) to pay for these things and maybe that is all you can do. Some people get more. A hobby. Some entertainment. Or they have kids and want to give them more. But, maybe, just maybe you get to a place sometime where you ask what is this about. What am I here for?

I’m there and I am asking what is the point of my life. Maybe it’s my age and maybe it’s my love of the amateur philosophical discussion. My general answer is that I think we owe a contribution to the world. This is what motivates me (when not just trying to get through the day) and makes me believe in people.

I think of this contribution to other people in the form of aid or comfort. I’m not looking for anything grand, either. Just be nice when you bump into someone in public (not always possible, but try), etc.

I think this can also be a part of your job. Some people have jobs in the area of safety, health, advances in technology, and contribution to the arts: Police officer, Nurse, technology development company, dance teacher, school teacher, mother, etc. I might not always agree with the how these people do their jobs, but I see the job itself as a contribution. I have done the Health contribution (I worked for FDA—clearing medical devices for the market). Now, I keep gravitating toward providing comfort. Telling my story to the world in hopes of finding people who can relate.

In a more relatable story, my sister is working at the Church we attended when I was a child. The Church may end up folding in the next few years. Church attendance in general is down. Although I don’t go to church, I am finding this very sad. I feel over whelmed and overworked and church seems like one more thing on the list of have to’s. And church can be another group thing that just leads to another area where negotiation is necessary. But, attendance should be useful; comforting or meditative even.

This is a major crisis, as evidenced by the following articles:

“One Third Of New York Catholic Churches Will Merge Or Close As Fewer Attend Mass”

“Church Of England Faces Extinction, Says Former Archbishop Of Canterbury Lord George Carey”

Is kindness also at risk?  Maybe I need to start going to Church or maybe we need to change how we access religion.


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