Don’t Stand Still

I am an Engineer by training, so I’ll explain this in the best way I know, Statics. In Physics, the world is static or dynamic. I don’t like being static. I never have. As previously mentioned, I make lists, but don’t stick to them. But, it gets worse. I actually hate doing the same thing every day, day after day. I used to develop a morning routine, only to change it a few months later.

As you can tell from my other posts, I like remembering some parts of the past including those parts that I think are at risk of being forgotten. However, I don’t want to live in the past. The present might mow me down if I do.

I was in my husband’s car the other night. His car stereo is set up for satellite radio or to automatically link with his cell phone and play its music. His car is old, so he accomplishes all this with a myriad of accessories attached to his am/fm radio with wires going every which way. I don’t have a smart phone, so no music from my phone. The previous time I was in his car, I touched something and the reception on the satellite radio tanked. Now, I’m an Electrical Engineer, but I swear that I carry a crazy electrical field of my own or something because satellite radio hates me.  (By the way, this is not the first time satellite reception has screwed up around me.)

So, I try not to change anything on the radio if I can get away with it. This means, I am stuck listening to a soft rock and adult contemporary music station. It’s Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, Van Morrison, etc. I know this music really well and some of it reminds me of different events in my life.  And some of it I love.  For awhile.

But, I can’t stand to listen to this all the time. I can’t stand to be static. Satellite is better than broadcast radio since the playlists are bigger. However, the song list is still finite. Nothing is being added.

I am acquainted with people who don’t want to grow old. In fact, they surround me. From the celebrities that spend thousands trying to look like they aren’t aging to the other mothers my age in the neighborhood that are getting minor work done and mimicking the hairstyles of their daughters, they’re all over. (I have to say I have been delighted to see that my friends from high school look appropriately aged in their Facebook photos. Let’s be real people please!) I don’t want to be that person that people look at and think I seem old because of how young I am trying to be.

I’m focusing on music because I feel connected to it. My kids have introduced me to a lot of new music. Most of which I tolerate, but don’t really like a lot. One daughter loves country and the other loves hip-hop, emo, and indie. Apparently all girls like Drake (not me, but then I am 52).

But there is a wide variety of new music out there and I think you can add to your repertoire without seeming to be an aging adult trying desperately to stay young. Among my favorite artists currently producing new music are:

Nora Jones/Puss N Boots

Foo Fighters

Ray LaMontagne

Ed Sheeran

Imagine Dragons

Mary Lambert (spoken word artist and music)

Meghan Trainer (Retro pop)

Artic Monkeys

Maroon 5

Some Bruno Mars and John Mayer

I also listen to things like Zydeco, show tunes (Wicked, Into the Woods, etc.), Jazz, etc. And I do have my favorites from the past: Elvis Costello, Neville Brothers “Yellow Moon,” Tonic “If You Could Only See,” Anna Nalick “Breathe,” America “Sister Golden Hair,” Cage the Elephant “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” Pretenders “I’ll Stand By You,” The Guess Who “These Eyes,” and lots of Sarah McLaughlin. I also love a good cover of a retro song including some of the Glee TV show songs and the Norah Jones album “Covers” which includes songs from Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Stand Still

  1. I used to have that same problem with electrical things. I was especially good at getting strange buzzing noises to come from hi-fi’s. I still can’t wear digital watches.
    Music – if it’s good music it stands the test of time, and if you like it, it doesnt matter what era its from. Have you heard any Half Moon Run? Look them up on you tube and start with Full Circle. I think you might enjoy it 🙂

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