Very Bad Day (10 or so years ago)

(With all apologies to Alexander of “Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”)

Kathy and the Very Bad Day

Kathy woke up to the dog barking. Three times.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy decided to take her daughter to get blood work done. Her daughter did not want to go. They went anyway. Her daughter hid in the bathroom at the clinic.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy realized she had no idea what time her dentist appointment was. She was near work, so she decided to stop by and check her calendar. Kathy forgot her badge. The guard told Kathy she could a colleague to verify she worked there. It was lunchtime. Kathy said no, grabbed her purse out of the baggage x-ray and left.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy came home and called the dentist office. She lost patience with the automated menu. Finally, she entered 10 for need to set up an appointment. Voicemail answered. She left a message asking for the time of her appointment. Voicemail promised the office would call back promptly. They never called back.

Kathy hates this dentist office.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy’s husband found his receipt which had her appointment time on it. She went to the dentist in time for her appointment. But, they wouldn’t clean her teeth because she forgot to pre-treat for her minor mitral prolapse. She pulled the medication out of her purse, but they said no, she should have taken it an hour ago. They assured her this was no big deal, but charged her $20 for the appointment anyway and told her to reschedule.

Kathy really hates this dentist office. She wants to go back to her old dentist.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy went home and called her insurance company. They told her that no, the open access option does not cover dentists.

Kathy hates her insurance company.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy was disappointed that she had not gotten anything done on the laundry, house cleaning, or any of the other chores she had planned for the day.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Kathy talked to her husband about an upcoming business trip he was planning. No, he had not been able to plan the trip yet, since he did not have a government credit card. This is because he got reimbursed late once and the credit card company took his credit card away because of that. But, they were going to let him charge the travel to his personal credit card, including plane tickets.

Kathy was having a very bad day. Her husband was too.

Kathy took her kids out shopping for school clothes. They fought the whole way there. She threatened to turn around and come home. They stopped fighting until they got to the store.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

One of Kathy’s kids asked to make a cake from the box cake mixes in the cupboard. Kathy reluctantly agreed. After the child poured the mix into the bowl to the mixer, she told Mom that there were no eggs.

Kathy went to the store and bought eggs.

Kathy was having a very bad day.

Her child continued to make the cake and then, wondering why it was so soupy, called Kathy over. Oops! She had added to much water. Out the cake goes. The child starts another mix and then realizes she used all the oil in the last batch.

Kathy sent the child to bed.

Kathy was having a very bad day.


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