purlsforfm | Knitting and other ways of dealing with Fibromyalgia

In the middle of the cold and snowy east coast weather, we have been selling our house and buying a new one.  This is sort of a necessity because I left my job last year when they wouldn’t let me work at home.  And living in the DC metro area on one income is difficult at best.

I have to say, though, that we have been pretty lucky with the weather.  It doesn’t take much snow to cause havoc in this area of the country because we can go 10-20 winters with little or no snow.  And what we have gotten this year has not really disrupted the process of wither buying or selling.  But, we are moving stuff in small loads to storage and its just a bit of a pain that its cold and sometimes snowy.


The driveway could be a tad more accommodating, but mostly, its been doable.  So, here we are weeks away from saying goodbye to our two story family room with palladium windows:


….our own driveway, our expansive back view,

IMG_1345…and about a mile of sidewalk to shovel.  We will be saying hello to a townhouse with a park right across the street and only our parking spots and maybe 20 feet of front sidewalk to shovel.

But the moving process is, of course, exhausting.  I may not have much to add to my blog in the next month or so.

However, after we’ve moved I will have access to all my stuff again.  And I can share some past projects I’ve done and finish and share some new ones.


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