Corrections and Quality


I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but I took it in a hurry.  The sign made me stop, until I realized it must be for the table set and not the flowers.  Obviously, the store could have chosen a way to make the display clearer, but it did give me a moment of amusement.

Speaking of mistakes, I resisted the urge to edit my last entry. I wanted to caveat my comments about whether we manufacture our own stress to better acknowledge 1) some people don’t have better lives than 100 years ago and 2) some problems are big even if they aren’t life and death.

Then, I went to the link for NPR’s list of 500 best commencement addresses.  I watched a couple of speeches.  I guess I should not be surprised that it made me feel inferior.  Commencement addresses are full of generalizations.  They are sort of supposed to be; a speech directed to the kids about their future. Everything in that context is going to be a generalization.  But, these ‘best’ speeches do a great job of telling a message that seems universally relatable and I thought why couldn’t I compose my blogs that well.


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