Why I Hate Reality TV

I have one child who is fascinated with reality TV of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Real Housewives of [fill in the blank]” variety. This child has been successful in college and feels guilty when she doesn’t do ‘the right thing” and is, in general, a pretty good kid. She says she likes these shows because of the drama. She has compared these and other shows like “16 and Pregnant” to watching a train wreck.

I hate these shows. The people on them annoy me no end. I am going to confine my remaining remarks to the shows with people in the upper income bracket. When I first stumbled onto my child watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” I was confused. I thought the show, based on the title, would include typical New Jersey woman who had chosen to stay at home and look at what it meant to be a ‘housewife’ in the 21st century. How silly of me. These ‘Real Housewives’ are rich. And, while the participants seem to think they are providing valuable life lessons to the public (and getting paid to do so), the public seems to watch them primarily for the drama. As in can you believe so and so said such and such to the other so and so.

The Kardashians, in particular, annoy me because they seem to think they are normal or typical. Maybe I’m wrong, but in one recent viewing (my daughter was home and watching it) one member of the family asked another whether they thought people were better looking today than they were in the past. The response was yes, because they fix the things that look bad.

This article from 2013 includes a data table from www.census.gov (likely 2010 data) that shows that our median income was $49,445 with the most populous income bracket being $15 to 20K.



According to the following web page, the median household income in the United States in 2014 was $53,891, only slightly higher.


Now, I have to ask: How do those people in the lower half afford to get their flaws fixed? For that matter, even those of us with an income at twice the median might struggle to pay for much more than braces depending on our local cost of living.

Another comment comes from a recent interview excerpt that has a member of the family commenting on how annoying it is when an interviewer says that the Kardashians don’t work very hard for their money. This indignant Kardashian states that she works very hard and all but implies that if other people worked this hard they would have the same success.Please note that Kim Kardashian reportedly made $28 million in 2014.

I suppose this is all obvious to most of us and I am just preaching to the choir. Maybe its just younger people that like watching this type of reality show, but the show is quite popular. Then again, as I said before, perhaps no one is taking them that seriously; i.e., they are just amusing.   Maybe I am the one taking this all too seriously and need to chill out or simply not watch the shows. I will do the latter, now that my older daughter is back at college.


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