Binge Television

When I set out to do this blog, I had some unwritten rules. And I have to confess that my last post (many, many days ago) broke at least one of my rules. It was negative and kind of trite. But mostly, it was complaining. I really don’t want this blog to become me complaining…about things, about pop culture. Other people can get away with that, but for me, I know it will become boring, if not annoying.

As much as I was disdainful of my daughter’s television choices, I do love a good binge watch.  Further, as we get closer and closer to pulling the plug on television, the easier it is to binge watch anything.

I am in the middle of a Mad Men binge. But, the main thing is that my husband is recovering from a health issue, wherein he spent a month in the hospital. I am sure this will be a connection for the rest of my life. My husband watched the marathon and finale from a hospital bed.

But, it’s a touch point anyway for us, because I was born in 1962, which would be about the age of Don Draper’s youngest child. (My husband is two years older). I have to say, also, that the script is very poetic. And, I am obsessed.

My husband thinks our kids should watch the series.   We remember so much of the aura of the show. The ashtrays everywhere, the cars without seat belts, girls always in dresses, the knotty pine cabinets in the kitchen, the autumn colors in the décor, the clothing, and the hairstyles are all part of my past. I remember we had these ‘dresses’ we used for dress up that were my Moms old slips (big, full with crinoline at the bottom) with armholes cut just under the elastic waist.

The work place environment has improved massively since the 1960’s. (And hopefully, the cheating too.) But, I can’t help but feel that some of the same stuff still goes on. I know some of it is my personal issue regarding my fibromyalgia and how my office responded, but it feels familiar.


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