Cleanliness is next to What?

I am not a neat person.  I have my moments of hyper-organization (my yarn stash, for example) and my moments of don’t care enough to do anything about (witness the months it is taking to unpack in our new house).  To be frank, sometimes I have problems with those things that have to be done over and over again, like cleaning.  The picture below is my old kitchen before we cleaned up for showing the house.

photo 1But, maybe my mixed feelings are why my oldest daughter is very neat and organized and my youngest is, well….Not.  This is child where her room is a sort of roach motel–things go in, but they don’t come out.  Further, you generally can’t take a single step without stepping on something.  Dirty dishes are mixed in with clothes.  Trash is mixed in with important papers and clothes.  You get the idea.  I know that some of this is a lack of a concerted and organized effort on my part to emphasize and make a practice of cleaning

I never knew I liked things clean until this child got old enough to clean (or not clean) her own space.  But, when she started leaving her room messy and arguing with me about it, I had to reassess.

But, this youngest daughter just cleaned up her space, which also happens to be our basement and next to my laundry room.  Oh my, its so clean.  I feel better just looking at it and being bale to go do laundry where there is space to sort it.  And, again, I just feel better looking at the cleanliness.  Who knew?!


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