Schindler’s List

It’s hard to watch a movie like “Schindler’s List” and not be effected.  So here I am packing for a vacation and doing laundry and I turned the channel and found the movie.  I sometimes avoid these movies because its such an emotional commitment.  I’m always crying by the end.  And there I was crying.

And my stupid, innate, childish fairness always kicks in.  I just have so much trouble, even when I damn well know its true, imagining how a people can convince themselves that its right to feel a group or groups of people is inferior to them.

I do understand not being brave enough to stand up to the authority of the powers that be.  I am amazed by Oskar Schindler and the risks he took to save those he did. I am amazed by the abolitionists in the United States that lived near the border with the South.  But, I guess, sometimes you can’t live with yourself if you looked away.

Wikipedia defines Genocide as follows:

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group.

This article in Wikipedia titled Genocides in History includes a list of 24 acknowledged genocides since 1951.


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