Weather, again

I still have trouble dragging my self out of bed in the morning.  But, two weeks ago, I did get up to take my daughter into work.

Now, this was August in Maryland.  I live in suburban Washington, DC.  DC was built on a swamp.  You might have heard that or not.  Point is, its hot in August.  The first summer I moved here from Michigan, the difference I noticed was that summer was hot and humid from June through August and never let up.  In Michigan, mornings in the summer were cool.  Far enough north in Michigan, summers mornings were cold.


So, what a surprise on this August morning at 8:30 am, that it was 65 F outside. That’s cool in this part of the county, where we count how few days the high temperature is under 90 degrees.  After a nice rain, the temperature doesn’t cool down but the humidity rises.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but consider that maybe my memory was off or this was an odd summer and, thank you, cooler weather was here.  Unfortunately, my celebration was premature.  Within an hour, the temperature had climbed 10 degrees and the nights have gone back to being warm.


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