Introvert or not?

I always thought I was an introvert.  I hid from strangers behind my parents.


I played by myself a lot of the time.


I didn’t want to make a wrong step in front of others.


So, I kept quiet.  People called me shy.  They commented that I didn’t talk much.

I became an adult and decided to go to an Adult Children of Alcoholics meeting.  I liked them and I found out I sometimes just couldn’t keep quiet.  Someone would say something and a comment would just bubble to the surface of my mind.  And it just had to come out.

And then, its started happening at work.  I’d be in a meeting and someone would say something and I would just have to comment.  Then people started thinking I talked too much


Now, I’m not working, but it happens when I watch the news or read a newspaper.  I hear something and I have to comment.  And this is causing a problem with this blog.  Because, as I’ve said before, I realize I’ve been a bit unfocused with this blog and here’s another trend….politics.  Its kind of hard to just drop politics into a blog because then it becomes a political blog.  And its hard to do anything else with it.

But, I keep getting sidetracked with political issues, especially with all the republican candidates coming forward.  (How many are there?  18?  No, 37 officially.  What?!?!)  So once again here I am trying to keep myself on track and not wander over into being another kind of blog.  Or maybe just trying to decide still on a Type of blog.  I need to work on this.  But OMG, its overwhelming!


But, at least you got some good cat pictures.


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