Platform Challenge Day One

I’ve decided (on the spur of the moment) to participate in the Writers Digest 2015 October Platform Challenge.  See here:

Here is my response to the Day 1 Challenge–Define Yourself as a Writer:

Name (as used in byline): Kathy Daws-Kopp

Position(s): Self-employed

Skill(s):  Writing, Photography, Crocheting, Sewing/Quilting, Beading, and assorted other crafts.


Accomplishments:  Electrical Engineer, worked for FDA for 25 years; Two lovely nearly adult daughters; Read Gone with the Wind in 48 hours (on break from college); Knit an afghan for my mother while a teenager; Completed numerous hats and scarves, 2 cardigans, a few quilts, and lots of hand-crafted items, especially teacher gifts.

Interests: Writing (memoir, poetry, romance, possibly others); reading, knitting, other crafts, genealogy, history, and fibromyalgia treatments (bordering on a hysterical need to tell everyone to not work themselves ragged).

In one sentence, who am I? Kathy Daws-Kopp is a married woman, with one of her two children still at home along with 5 pets, who left her job as an engineer because of health reasons (no, I did not retire) and now pursues writing and crafts from home.


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