Romance Authors get no Respect

Okay, I’m behind.  Way behind on the Platform Challenge.  So, here is an article from the NYTimes about Romance Authors.  I don’t know if its Day 8 (helpful), maybe its more Day 10 (call to action).  Here’s the link:

I need to comment that I have to think about this hard because I have issues about the ‘female’ things I do.  I went into Engineering probably because of the respect it gets when someone asks what you do.  I tend to be a little masculine for the same reasons.  But, I do knit and that always brings a crap load of “oh, you make toilet paper covers?” type looks.  Not my favorite thing nor do I deal with it well.

Hmmm!  I can’t see myself writing war novels, though….


4 thoughts on “Romance Authors get no Respect

  1. Some of the best books I’ve read are romance novels. In terms of plotting and characterisation some are even better written than the sci-fi books people eagerly buy in bookstores, while furtively downloading romance novels like it’s something to be ashamed of. The prejudice against romance novels / writers is mainly because (as stated in the article) it’s written by women, for women, about women. Madonna has a song (Feels like for a girl) about this sort of prejudice people have against women. I say people: some of the worst offenders are women.
    Thanks for sharing the link.


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