Working out My Anger

Okay, so we’ll call the last post Day 8 (help) and this a Day 10, since call to action is not what I thought it was.

Let me see a show of hands:  How many of you can’t do a project with your spouse/significant other?   I have a feeling its about 50/50, but go ahead and tell me in the comments and I’ll report back.

My husband and I have the day off today and he’s working on the hole in the wall that I showed in my can’t nail straight picture.

Out of anger at his lack of communication with me, some mumbling under his breath about where I put the tools, and just general frustration, I started working on something else.  I am working on this project:


These are shelves in our dining room (well, its a townhouse so its dining/living room).  If you look closely, you can see some of my lack of ability to install a bracket straight.  But, I’ve added to my arsenal of tools to try and help this:


I have this fabulous laser lever on the left (OMG, what did we do before these and I just learned how to use it).  But, my new tool is that piece of ribbon in the middle.  I grabbed the closest piece of string-like material, being the ribbon, and made a plumb bob with a small screw-driver.  So, you take a piece of string, put a weight on the end, and the weight will pull the string straight down.  The laser level had taken care of making the top screws in all the brackets level and, thus, the shelf.  But, I was eye-balling the second screw for the bracket and that just didn’t work well.

And sometimes, well, there are things in the wall that get in the way:


So, I have all this at my hands and I am trying to think what do I have at my hands for writing…  I think I need some tools like an outline and I might have to put just write scenes and put them together afterwords.

Meanwhile, I am going to visit my sister next week and probably visit some dead relatives (in the cemetery–genealogy thing).  And here are my cats laughing at me (well, sleeping through most of this).


BTW:  Here’s another link for Romance Writing–I have to check this out, too:


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