Little Bites

This may become my philosophy on life.

Now that I’ve written it down, it reminds me of Dim Sum–little eats.  Yum!  But, I’m really thinking of football.  Its fall and have of my thoughts are on football.


When you can’t make a big play, you work on taking little bites out the 10 yards.  You get a few yards and then your 3rd down is doable.


That’s how I’m going to envision NaNoWriMo.  Its actually how I have to view quite few tasks with my Fibromyalgia.  You just concentrate on making a little progress and leave some to do in your next attempt.

That’s where I’m at.  Especially when things seem too big and too much.  So, I’m not reading everything I can on NaNoWriMo, I’m picking a few things and concentrating on those.


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