Changing Seasons

My apologies for not having posted lately.  I’ve been out of town again.

So, I seem to have a bit of seasonal amnesia. Every new season seems to require a little bit of relearning for me. I, apparently get so wrapped up in the past 3 or more months that I can’t recall what its like to have different temperatures.

Maybe it’s just me and maybe its bit about living in a climate where there are 4 distinct seasons, but it happens. In the winter, sometimes I try to recall not only being outside without a coat, but also being hot standing in the sun. And even though my mind knows the fact that it occurs every single summer, it has trouble recalling the feeling for me.

highway bluesky

The year, it seems to me that the Mid-Atlantic U.S. area has had a lot of higher than average temperatures during the day. However, you can still tell its fall by the feel of the air and how it can’t hold the heat against shade or setting sun.

The poetic/scientific part of me asks why is that? Why does one temperature seem broiling hot in late August but fragile in its warmth in late October? Is it the humidity? Is it the shorter duration of sunshine? Is it the decreasing thermal mass of the ground and other hard surfaces (that the ground isn’t warm any more)?

The efficiency-craving part of me asks why can’t it just pick a temperature and stick with it? I hate having to keep checking the weather and having to plan for a range of temperatures. I get tired of guessing how cold will the walk into the building be before swimming. And can still get away with wearing sandals and capris or will long pants not make me sweaty anymore.  Okay, let me stop complaining and just enjoy the cool weather for those hours between too warm and too cold when it happens and the beautiful fall foliage.

I do have to mention, however, that I am not going to be participating in NaNoWriMo. As I have started to prepare for writing, I am realizing that 1) I want my writing to be as productive as possible and 2) my attempts in the past have a bit paralyzed as well as discouragingly poor. The best writing I have done in a long time has been the memoir/life story I’m writing, which is probably because its my life (duh!). In fast, I wrote and rewrote parts of this memoir before I came up with a specific structure for the story.

Sometimes things just don’t come out on paper like they seem in your head, like this picture of a sunset that is a pale comparison to the actual sunset my eyes saw:

highway sunset

I was, in fact, a little discouraged for a while, thinking how could I ever write fiction when I couldn’t even seem to write my own life. But I did solve that problem and I do still want to try writing fiction. So, I thought that NaNoWriMo would be a good push to just do it (sorry, Nike). Anyway, as I started with a few prep tasks for this effort I realized that outlining seems like a good tool for me AND its starting to all feel doable to me again.

So, don’t be sad for me. I am going to spend the month prepping and outlining and I hope to be ready to start writing in January.


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