Happy New Year

I should be writing some fabulous missive about the end of 2015 and the start of 2016.  But, what’s on my mind right now is how my cats can’t keep their part of the bargain.  You know, that unspoken deal between you and your cats.  You agree to keep the litter clean and provide them with food and they act reasonably (within cat limitations).

For example, I expect them to

  • poop inside the litter box (unless its really dirty)
  • stay out of major appliances
  • drink from reasonable sources (not the Christmas tree stand–we keep the toilet lid down)
  • not eat the christmas tree


But they have failed at most of these expectations.  Mostly, this is curtesy of the baby, Mittens.  He does not respect rules.  I had a fairly calm set of cats before he entered the house a little more than 2 years ago.  I thought I knew cats.  I’ve had 3 other cats in my life before my current 3, but none were as bold as him.  My sister has several cats and they don’t get in the dishwasher that I recall.  But, then, he is a baby and has lots of energy, which he sometimes dissipates by racing (even under furniture) and stopping in that way cats do.


And, finally, all of our cats decided the Christmas tree stand was as good a source of water as anything else.  This left us to ponder:  Doesn’t the tree make the water taste bad?  Lemon or Christmas tree in your water?

Happy New Year!  Make the best of 2016!


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