Freezer Woes

So, the weekend after Thanksgiving the freezer on our new Refrigerator (purchased about June 2015) quit working. We were a little slow on recognizing the problem, but eventually called the company.

It started when the ice dispenser quit working on the first Sunday in December. I ate a TV dinner that seemed warm, but I thought I’d left it on the counter too long. Anyway, a repairman was scheduled (and re-scheduled) and the guy looked at it said it wasn’t repairable. That was over a week later, since they only have Tuesday and Thursday appointments. Then we spent a couple weeks where the repair company set an appointment but nobody showed up. And last week, we had two repairmen (they showed up!) spend 2-3 hours with the thing, trying to repair it ending with a determination that it couldn’t be repaired.

Let me just say: this refrigerator has a bad track record. It got delivered late because there was an injury during the first delivery attempt. However, during the first attempt, they took the old refrigerator but didn’t leave the new one. We were only prepared to store our food for a few hours, so a bunch of it went bad.

IMG_0386Refrigerator at my Last House (and a mischievous cat)

I Googled the model and brand of refrigerator, but I only saw 2-3 reports on this brand’s Refrigerators and maybe only one was on this model in particular. Repair records for the brand are on the low side according to Consumer Reports. Some complaints online said they would never buy this brand again. While I totally sympathize with this expression of frustration, I don’t know that it’s that simple. It has been about 40 days since the company and store where it was purchased were notified. I suppose some of the delay may be because of the holidays. But, since I am not sure where to place the blame, I have decided to not identify the store or brand.

However, the current word is that we are supposed to be getting a replacement. Tomorrow.

One can only hope that this is an anecdotal problem with this one Refrigerator and not a common problem with the model. Let’s call this one a lemon for now and hope its true. It’s amazing how hard it is to live without a freezer for this many days. If the second one breaks, I’ll write a follow up.

Wish me luck!


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