Keeping Busy II

So, my last post describes my soap making adventures after losing my dog, Tucker, and during the East coast Blizzard 2016.  This one continues that story.

Now we get to Tuesday, Day 5 of Snow captivity.  My daughter was going nuts and, thankfully, some friends came by to pick her up.  I have to check the car in back, but we appear to have been dug out back there.  FINALLY!

Its beautiful, but it makes it hard to leave your house, especially here in the Washington, DC area where our resources for snow removal are a little limited since we can go multiple winters with no appreciable snow.  The following picture is our back street (which was not plowed as of Monday night).  Yes, that is a street about 3 feet beyond the mailbox.


Monday night (Day 4) and my daughter was done with this the day it started.  She was ready to be able to get out again and, truthfully, it seemed like everyone was dug out around us except for us.  Last night we found a Chinese restaurant willing to deliver to us after trying 3 different places.  That helped some.  However, they wanted cash and I said sure and then realized I needed to run out and get more money.  I walked to the bank (2 blocks or so) and found nothing open there.  But I was able to buy some fruit at the grocery store (same strip mall) and get cash.  They delivered while I was gone!!

At some point that night I started feeling a need to do something other than dishes and laundry.  I really really wanted to try another technique, like the Galaxy Clyde Slide or the Monarch Butterfly Swirl, both from Soap Queen (and Clyde Yoshida of Vibrant Soaps).  But, I decided to master the spin technique first and make sure that my slab mold was tight enough to hold the thin soap batter.

I played around with combining colors and scents on Monday night and prepped the oils and lye water.  I made a blue purple, a red violet, and a teal.  I mixed a little red into the base soap to make a light pink/rose.

psych soap3

Being as I can’t leave things alone, I saved some soap for the top.  I dripped these leftovers on after I did the spin, which kind of ruined the effect of the spin.  BUT, it worked the way it was SUPPOSED TO and I am so excited.

I have 2 lessons from this pour.   First, leave well enough alone and put any extra into little silicone molds so as to not ruin what you’ve done.  Second, while I can premix dry pigments in a sunflower oil in small plastic cups the night before, this is not good with fragrance or essential oils.  I came into the kitchen Tuesday morning to the beautiful smell of a Jasmine blend.  It took me a few minutes, but eventually I noticed that the oil mix was all over my counter and a ring around the bottom of the cup had dissolved into a sticky white goo.  So, I may want to stick with glass for anything I mix together the night before.

I really have enough soap for now.  I aught to wait for time to pass to make sure it will not all be done curing at the same time (not that that will necessarily happen).  However, I am getting more supplies soon, so we’ll see if I can hold out.  I thought it would be the boutique oil recipes that would keep me coming back, but its the colors and swirl patterns that are making me want to make more.  It reminds me a bit of making tie-die shirts.  You’re never quite sure what it will look like until you un-mold it.  I love that aspect.



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