When Life is Stressfull

I’m tired.  In fact, I’ve been exhausted.

I’ve been busy.  You’ve seen my soap.  I’m also working on carving wood with the idea of using wood as a negative for a soap stamp.  And I’m doing some things with polymer clay that I have always planned to do:  mokume gane, making canes, etc.

I must say that my biggest issue this past week was feeling I am not very focused.  This leads to wondering if I can make a go out of anything when I am not directing my energy into one single pursuit.

I have to say, I’ve also done a smattering of other things, like looking at poetry including several poetry publications, discussing children’s book illustrations, and knitting.  So, yeah, headed off in like 5- 10 different directions.


For the past week or so, I’ve had plans for Superbowl Sunday.  Its been awhile since I’ve made a good meal and football is the best excuse to eat snacks.  However, back in the fall, we gorged ourselves on a very excellent purchased meal of barbecue during a football game.  It didn’t go well.  While the food was fabulous, it was too much fat and salt and calories and we were miserable.  So, I made plans ahead of time to make good, tasty food for us for this Sunday.

The short of that is: I was on my feet for about 2 hours in the kitchen chopping tomatoes for salsa and making turkey meatballs.  This does not seem like a long time, but its long for me to be on my feet.  Standing.  It didn’t seem so bad until I sat down before I made the second batch of meatballs.


But, its not so much the fact that I hurt after standing so long.  What threw me off was the fact that I slept a full night Saturday and still felt tired on Sunday.  And there it is: My reminder that I am not my normal self.

I am afraid that if I push myself too far, I will take days to recover.  I can’t commit myself to a job.  I can’t commit myself to starting a business (selling soap–a passing thought) because I don’t know what will push me to far and leave me exhausted again.

Maybe my prime thoughts should be to test myself.  Instead of living in fear of what I don’t know.



Aside (as long as I was in the kitchen):  Poor Sarah, my cat keeps taking her clothes off.







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