Working on the House

I’ve been busy.  I went to Kentucky twice to see my oldest daughter.  She graduated last Sunday with a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and poised to take a job as a teacher for pre-school or Kindergarden for next Fall.  Meanwhile, she works at a private school for daycare/camp over the summer.  My younger daughter is finishing High school and had her first of two Proms tonight.

I’ve also been looking at job ads and planing a 3 part approach to income:  a local part time job, an Etsy store, and a writing (poetry and children’s books to keep it small for awhile). In addition to trying to build inventory and work on my art/writing skills, I’m cleaning up the house and getting rid of stuff.  Also, I’m trying to make the house more functional.  My bathtub was cleaned up several weeks ago.  And then, I filled it with curing soap.


The picture above is a small sampling.  I had these racks and racks of soap and no room to wash my hand knits.  I moved some to the shelf across from the shower and realized that wasn’t going to do it.  It wasn’t enough room and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe less humidity would be better.


So, I took an old shoe rack and mounted it on the wall with these copper brackets from the plumbing aisle at Home Depot.


I used these E-Z Ancor wall anchors because they worked by just hammering the anchor into the wall.  I chose them to cut out some steps.  As you can see from the photo, I was moderately successful with the anchors.  But since I didn’t check for studs that may have been the issue.  The anchors do split while you’re “nailing” them in if they run into too much resistance.

In the end, I have this great rack for drying and curing soaps in a cool dry room.


And even though I won’t make soap to sell, I will continue to make soap for personal use, friends, and family.  I really love making it.  Its such a fun transformation to watch and play with.

So, I am slowly emptying out our storage units.  Plus, I am working towards some employment goals.  I will try and continue to add a blog post here and there.  Keep you up to date on my progress and add a pet picture once in awhile.







This child just graduated High School.  The cat is still around-he survived the awkward hold just fine (its not as bad as it looks).  He’s our orange striped cat.


2 thoughts on “Working on the House

  1. I’m glad you are still going to make soap- for my own reasons! You have been busy I know. I think your plan sounds good and may be just structured enough that it will provide what you need to move forward. Hard to believe Beth is graduating! Time is moving too fast. Love ya sis.


  2. I just got a planner. An actual physical thingy because I like that better than doing everything on the computer.

    Crap and I said Beth already graduated. Okay, a few weeks early. I mix up my children (don’t tell them, OK).

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