Dropping the Last Child off

For those of you unfamiliar, its a 3 day drive from Maryland on the east coast to Colorado in the Mountainous west. You can do it in fewer days if you want to drive more than 8-9 hours a day since its about 25 hours total driving time alone

I drove out with my daughter and then my husband flew out to help me drive home.  It was a beautiful trip, but long, long, long.


Both ways, we stopped in Kentucky to see my other daughter, Sam.  She is a Kindergarten Teacher in Kentucky and just started her first real job. I’ve been to Lexington several times and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m pretty comfortable there and I sort of know where things are. (Thank you to all those GPS systems/apps for making me dependent on you to get places!)

Beth is vegan and picked out our restaurants on the way out. We went to an excellent vegetarian restaurant the second night in St. Louis, Small Batch, St. Louis. Let me tell you, I love driving through cities as they unfold from the highway in daylight or, especially, at night with the lights on.  St. Louis, from the east is beautiful.  You get these glimpses of the Gateway Arch and then a more full view of it as you approach from the east side of the Mississippi river.

Now, its been a long time since I’ve gone anywhere without a hotel reservation. On the second night I pulled off the highway near Kansas City, Missouri and walked into a Courtyard Marriott. They had vacancies and it was a really nice place.  Okay, maybe I would have re-arranged a few things, but it was very nice.  We got up the next morning and picked up breakfast in a vegan bakery in Kansas city, Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffee.  Who knew, but Kansas City is a hot bed of vegetarian and vegan options.  Anyway, the bakery was great and we got a no-bake cookie, a scone, and a fabulous s’mores mini bundt cake.

Okay, from then on the trip sucked.  We took I70 through Kansas and it was booorrring.  I’m sorry Kansas, but after you get about an hour west of Kansas city, there is nothing.  It’s miles and miles of fields, barns, and wind farms.  It was kind of brutal. However, we did see a wonderful rainbow on the way back.  Right before we entered the torrential rain zone that followed us for the rest of the night.


When we crossed into Colorado on day 3, Beth was more than done.  It seemed like it was taking forever and she was losing her patience.  But, I began to notice these flowers at the side of the road.  They look like little sunflowers.


We finally made it to Boulder after sunset on day 3.  We actually stayed in Louisville, Colorado, just southeast of Boulder.  We got up on move in day and went to Pearl street in Boulder.  Pearl street is a multi-block pedestrian only mall that includes centuries old buildings, the old courthouse, and street performers.  One night we were there they had a fire-eater perched on top of 4 or 5 chairs talking to a small crowd watching him.


A few days later, I was on my way back.  It was about 3 hours to the Kansas border, where we got sent off the highway for some issue (never did find out what was wrong on the highway).  We found a small bar, but didn’t stop.  Did you know there is a small town at the border called Kanorado, Kansas? (The bar is in Burlington, Colorado, I think)


So, as I said, Kansas is a boring drive and we ran into rain the second day.  But, we saw wind farms.windfarm croppedAnd some beautiful clouds.


And soon, we were back home in Maryland.


Okay, this is Sideling Hill in western Maryland, which is still like 90 minutes from home.  But, its all down hill from there.  So, we’re good.




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