Let’s talk about Hotel rooms

On my recent 3 day trip to Colorado (and the corresponding 3 day trip back), I stayed in a lot of hotels; 5 to be exact.  By the time we got to hotel number 3, I had a mini list of what makes a good hotel.

First, you need to assume that the place is clean and nothing is broken.  That is sort of a given for me at the amount of money I am paying.  So here’s the list:

  • Electrical outlets.  We need a lot of them.  Particularly at the bedside since we might be reading ebooks before falling asleep.
  • Bigger vanity space. When you travel with family and it includes more than one adult or children above the age of say 10, you all have your own cosmetic bag or Dopp kit. A lot of hotels have a pretty small surface for all of that.
  • Bathroom fan.  Most bathrooms have a fan.  Lots of them are broken or just don’t work well.  With even 2 people, you can end trying to put on antiperspirant in a muggy bathroom.

On the trip back, we tried to stop at the Courtyard Marriott in Blue Spring, Missouri again, but they only had deluxe rooms left.  How sorry I am that I didn’t at least ask the price on that deluxe room.  They were busy and had a rowdy group in the lobby and we were tired, so we drove on to another hotel, in the rain.

In retrospect, the other hotel probably met the minimum requirement of clean.  But, it was a bit of a mess.  They had a dark decor, which felt to me like it might be hiding something.  The blue ceiling made the whole room seem dark.


Also, the bathroom counter was very low.  Okay, I’m about 5’3″ and my arms are typical length for my height.  This dress is shapeless (but very comfortable…) so you can’t see, but the counter is hitting me at about crotch height.  Very low!!  Yes, I did consider that maybe it was intended as a wheelchair access room.  But, actually, wheelchair counters are higher.  Plus, the hall getting to the bathroom was too narrow anyway.


Additionally, this room was a little had worn.  The sheets had spots that were threadbare and the shade on the lamp in the corner was broken.

The whole thing looked better in the morning.  But still a inferior hotel especially considering it cost the same as the other Courtyard had less than a week earlier.  But then hotel prices are all about supply and demand.


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