Okay, so a lot has happened since I last posted.  In fact, when did I last post?  August?  Yes, August.  Ugh!

I have two big items going on. Well, maybe three.  I opened an etsy store, Beads on a Wire Designs.  I have bracelets, badge holders, and some resale yarn for sale there.

I have had one online job for transcribing, which I quit doing because I just can’t transcribe fast enough to make that work. I almost started another online job as an editor for non-english writers of technical papers, which I decided was not for me either.  So, now, I’ve applied for three actual, physical jobs that are local.  I decided the bills are just too much to not at least try and get a job.

Last of all, I have ambitions to start a craft magazine and I am putting together some projects and taking some pictures to put together the How-to’s for these crafts.  My intention for the magazine would be having a variety of crafts with the idea of introducing readers to new crafts. The pictures and projects would look clean and well-made, so the majority of projects will need to be easy to achieve well-made results.

Simple jewelry ideas would include the bracelets I have in my etsy shop and a simple earring made by wrapping wire around a pill bottle.


I also want to make necklaces to hold badges that look more like  necklaces than a lanyard. The current badge holders I make just cover a badge reel, which is illustrated below with green piggy serving as a model.


I’m still learning the best way to put these badges together, so some are a little wonky right now.

My daughter asked for a mega stitch afghan for Christmas.  So, that started me thinking about super size yarn knitting.

Let me make an aside comment here:  knitting a sweater or afghan is time consuming.  I don’t know how many hours are involved in making the average sweater, but in general its weeks if not months (I usually take several hours a week over the course of 6 months or more to make a sweater). Even knitting a hat or other small item takes hours of actual knitting. This makes knitting for money a questionable pursuit. But supersize knitting makes these things doable in a decent amount of time.

So, I made needles and I found yarn for a decent price (Premier Couture Jazz):


As you can (maybe) see, the needles are made from PVC pipe.  The tips are made from heavy paper and paper stuffing (recycled junk mail)

I’m experimenting with Tunisian crochet and other yarns, Red Heart Boutique Irresistible. That’s my small iphone to show scale.  I’m thinking about a shawl, but that might be knit, since crochet uses so much yarn.


Finally, I am looking at covering stools I bought at a thrift store with a knitted yarn cover. I bought upholstery foam and its been cut to fit the one stool.

So, okay, I guess that covers a lot.  I should have split this into many posts, but well this is what I can do right now.

Hopefully more to come, but I will likely start a separate website for the ‘magazine’ posts. Eventually, I’d like to do a print magazine, but right now I don’t have the capital to support that.


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