More Big Knitting

Knitted Footstool

I bought this footstool at our local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity resale store).  It cost me about $30.


I cut pieces of foam for the stool.


I cut the legs down and sanded off the finish.  Then I stained the legs with an ebony-colored stain.


Stained stool base

I dyed some plain white medium weight woven cotton to nice mottled gray color with RIT dye to make a lining for the knitted cover I’m making.  I took some measurements and determined how to cut the


The foam is a bit larger than the top surface of the stool base.  I folded the fabric in half, twice to find the center and then I drew the half of the estimated foam size in the middle of one half of the fabric (picture below is fabric folded in half).  I then extended the lines to the edges of the fabric piece. (Note: from my drawings and calculations, I knew that the fabric piece was approximately the total width and length I would need to cover the top surface of the stool and go down the sides).  After adding a half inch for seam allowances, at each corner.

Stool fabric2

After cutting out the corners, I had the following piece of fabric, which is shaped almost like a plus sign.

stool fabric4

I sewed the corners together.  I still need to staple down the sewn cover.  I will then use it to measure the progress of my knitting.  I am using Mondo yarn from Berroco in a lovely gray color for the knitted cover.  Currently, I have about 1 long side of knitting completed, part of which is shown in the following photo:

Stool fabric, knitting etc

I will update this when I’m finished.

I also have a second stool in waiting for another knitting replacement cover.




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