I went to football game over the weekend.  I drove 9 hours to get there on Friday.  We stayed in a hotel with kind of hard beds.  We walked to breakfast and then to the game.  And we turned around and drove home on Sunday another 9 hours.


And I felt great.  It was almost like being a normal person.  I was worried about it because I have these days where I am exhausted and I just don’t want to get out of bed.  I was exhausted when I got home of course and the next day I slept a lot. But, Wow!

Then on Tuesday, I went to our Aquatic Center and went swimming!  Before noon! It was a bit tiring and I didn’t ‘swim’ much, but it felt good.  I got home and wrote 2000 words in my memoir!

  Swimmin Dogs

(picture courtesy of my husband, Paul Kopp)

I went again on Thursday and that was good, too.  I swam more.  I was really surprised how much more actual swimming I was able to do without getting winded. And then I stood up after crawling out of the pool and thought “Whoa!”  It felt like I’d been on the moon and just come back to earth; like I weighed ten times as much as when I went in.  But, I reminded myself that water is very buoyant and I adjusted pretty quickly, took my shower, and came home.

I wanted to go back to bed when I came home, but I resisted and sat down to stuff knitting patterns into sheet protectors (a new project wherein I throw most of the knitting magazine away and keep just the patterns I like).  Next I knew it was 6 pm. Minus a couple of breaks, I’d been doing this for 7 or so hours.  And I was exhausted.  My whole body ached and I felt like I might have a fever (typical fibromyalgia for me).


So, I guess I need to work on what works.  I want to keep swimming, but I need to keep things in balance.  At least for right now, its actually making me want to get out of bed.